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How to Learn During a Pandemic? 6 Great Tips for Virtual Learners


The widespread Pandemic situation by the novel COVID-19 has created an inevitable & distressing situation for all. Physically sourced skill-building platforms have shut, learners of all kinds - from sophomore students to professionals to corporate groups are looking for options to enhance their learnings around sought-after skills - that are the major part of today’s & tomorrow’s work. 

How to learn during a Pandemic?

E-learning has become a blessing in disguise for worldwide learners. 

The e-learning platforms with a range of in-demand skill training via:

  • Industry experts-led virtual classrooms
  • Well-researched course content, real-world projects based learnings
  • Practical implementation of each theory concept
  • Flexible class timings and payment models 

are taking the reskilling and upskilling world by storm. It is getting simple and quick to access and enroll in such classes and get the certification and job-centric knowledge in just a few weeks”.

Easy to Enroll in e-Learning Training Programs?

It is very simple & quick to enroll in today’s e-learning platforms like JanBask Training. You just have to:

  • Select the preferable skill/technology 
  • Get a demo class for the same skill
  • Continue with the complete training (focused around competent certifications and job roles based learnings - followed by complete preparation for interviews).
  • Get the training completion certificate which has recognition in the job market.e-learning training programs

What in-demand skills to reskill around?

Learn a language during Pandemic? Learn a new skill during Pandemic? - But which one?

Reskilling is important for career advancements, especially at this time where economic downtown is severe and only demands trained & certified professionals - to make the hiring positions more effective for companies & help them get past the repercussions of a pandemic.

Learn a skill during a Pandemic! Not just skills, rather learn skills that are a major part of the future work!

Learn a language during Pandemic

JanBask Training online Trending courses are based on the technologies that are the major part of the future work.

  • The IT companies to the industry with moniker healthcare, Finance, Utility, eCommerce, everyone has an unending demand for professionals around technologies like Salesforce, Business Data Analysis, Data Science, QA testing, DevOps, AI & Machine Learning, Tableau, Hadoop and many others.
  • Learn a Language during pandemic! Learn not just a language, learn a widely-known programming language like Python that’s the core of every possible technology these days.

Learning all these skills has only pluses and no minuses

By learning the said skills-

  • You can absorb in any industry type you may desire like IT, Healthcare, Finance, eCommerce, Utility, manufacturing, NPO, and so on.
  • You have positive chances of absorbing in each skill-based job role - as these skills have a plethora of job openings for skilled candidates, that too round the year.
  • Every small scale to medium-scale to multi-dollar million earning companies leverage these technologies in their technology-stack and require trained and certified professionals - who could help them scale their business with right knowings and efforts.

Take these Skills-Based Learnings via Online Platforms

These discussed skills-based training can be taken by everyone, the one in many positives about getting trained with JanBask Training is, they have no prerequisite requirements for joining their courses. The course can be accessed by anyone with or without a technical acknowledgment. Anyone can take their courses:

  • College students
  • Working professionals
  • Work from home resources
  • Teaching resources
  • Subject matter experts
  • Corporate groups/staff

And everyone else who has an extensive need to learn about the prevalent technologies/skills of today.

A smart move to shell money during an economic downturn?

The economic downturn has hit everyone in the close shave, learners are pondering about whether investing in times like this is a soluble choice or not. 

Is it the right thing to invest in reskilling/upskilling even during Pandemic? Yes, it is!

Reskilling/upskilling can never be a bad investment, especially for future trends where requirements for skilled professionals will have a prominence rise.

Knowing where to invest in the smart move. From above you know which skills to invest in and why -  now let’s tell you how your investments can be safely ensured with e-learning platforms 

  • The e-learning platform like JanBask Training provides easy payment in installment methods, where learners can invest yet save a major chunk of money.
  • The platform also has some exciting and huge percentage-led discount offers, that are redeemable, right during the enrollment procedure.
  • To know where you will be investing money, in terms of quality - the platform offers free demo-class of each discussed skill course program and provides an enriching career counseling by experts to familiarize learners about the course overview -  in terms of career advancements and future scope post-pandemic.

The platform, all in all, is offering all the provisions to ensure that no learner is risking their hard-earned money and are learning before the market’s complete reopening.

Great Tips for Learning during an Epidemic that are new to Virtual Learning Landscape

“Learn a new skill during Pandemic”, “Learn a language during Pandemic” - a big HOW for someone who is new to virtual reskilling!

Not all learners are experts at receiving the virtual learnings, this is why here are the experts suggested tips on how to learn during a pandemic via virtual classrooms.

1. Take a free career overview counseling & demo class

Take a free career overview counseling & demo class

You may opt for a  free career overview counseling and demo class to get familiar with the course roadmap. The first step in getting comfortable with virtual learnings is to get all the doubts/confusion regarding courses clarified via expert career guides. A quick demo class routine will accommodate you well around the online learning landscape by:

  • Giving you a roadmap of the complete training course (of the skill you opted).
  • Acknowledging you about the virtual learning delivery methods & pace of instructors.
  • Getting your hands-on course curriculum, syllabus, e-tools you would learn from.
  • Giving you an overview of your preferred skill’s demand in the job market.

And everything else, that could make you familiar with online learning pace. Even if you have any odd queries or concerns, this phase can be the best time to treat it beforehand.

2. Decide the schedule for training

Take a free career overview counseling & demo class

At present, you can be a professional who is at “work from home” mode, a student who is on the break as the campuses are closed for now or anyone who is waiting for the economy’s reopening to look for the well-compensated jobs.

In every condition, the best way to get the most from virtual reskilling is to decide and set a schedule to learn. You may check out the batches conducted, weekdays, and weekends batches with diverse timings to meet all the learners’ availability requirements.

3. Practice self-discipline

Learning requires great self-discipline. Create a space or area to study. Turn off the distractions, occupy yourself in the discussions with similarly-headed communities. 

Practice self-discipline

If you think online classrooms are not your thing with scheduled class timings, then you may check out for self-learning training programs, where you can access the learning resources & materials anytime and anywhere. You won’t have to dedicatedly sit for the fixated hours, instead, you can learn whenever & wherever you feel like.

4.Reach out to people

Learning from a distance, when you are habitual of learning in a physical environment can seem a little displeasing.

Online learnings are no less than virtual classrooms, you can still stay connected with each other, despite being away.

The virtual classroom training programs give students enough scope to interact with instructors, similar-headed learners to professionals with ease. 

You can talk it out with learners to form an online community - wherein you can interact and enrich your learning base. You can pen down your concerns to the training and support team and feel just like you are learning in the offline classroom.

5. Stay kind to yourself

Online learning doesn’t mean you just have to sit for continued hours and get learnings in a constant row. Be gentle & kind to yourself, maintain a balance between your learnings and the well-timed breaks. 

At regular intervals - stand up, stretch, take coffee breaks, talk to a friend, hydrate yourself, nourish with nutritive foods, and then get back to the learnings.

To learn during a pandemic in great capability, keep your health in alignment with your learning goals too.

6. Look for whys?

Look for whys

If you constantly think why to immerse yourself in e-learnings, whenever you hit that thought, just look for the why’s of learning that skill, look for that skill’s demand in your dream company, look what compensational benefits to work-life balance that skill can give you - once you are done with learnings and are ready to approach the competent certifications exams and the job process with the top giant companies.

Just think & search for possible whys and nothing will look like an act of struggle.


So this was it, a complete guide on how to reskill yourself during the pandemic and around which in-demand skills. 

To learn a new skill during Pandemic is a crucial aspect for career advancements. A dedicated reskilling today can unfold numerous paths towards growing and well-compensated career roles. So if you have grasped the pluses of having online learnings around powerful skills of today, e-learning platforms like JanBask Training can help you prepare you for a career run that grows & pays heavily.

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