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Docker Certification| Advantages, How to Prepare & Tips to Ace the Exam 2023


Are you thinking about appearing in Docker Certification? Do you have enough knowledge about Docker certification? If not, then the article includes information about Docker Certification such as

  • What is Docker Certification?
  • What are the advantages of gaining Docker Certification?
  • Best Docker certifications to apply for
  • Docker Certification Registration Process
  • How to prepare for Docker certification?
  • Why must you own a Docker certification?
  • Who can apply for the certification?
  • Tips to excel Docker Certification
  • Frequently Asked Questions

But before going through these points, let us first understand a few things about Docker. 

Docker is an enterprise ready container platform that helps organizations in building, sharing and running any application, anywhere fluently. Which is why, nowadays almost every organization is filling its application for the faster production workloads so that they can deploy any application anytime.

Along with that, Docker offers multiple certifications programs including Docker Certified Associate (DCA) exam to validate the skillset with the real-world questions that are designed by experienced professionals. 

The main reason for choosing Docker for developing applications is that nowadays, applications require coding, frameworks, architectures, and multiple languages. Moreover, discontinuos interfaces between tools for each and every lifecycle stage creates tremendous complexity. Also, it simplifies and boosts your workflow, while giving developers the freedom to innovate with their choice of tools, application stacks, and deployment environments for each project.

Let’s start our Journey to understand in-depth information related to Docker Certification!

What is Docker Certification? What are the advantages of gaining Docker Certification?

Docker Certification is in increasing demand nowadays in the IT world. This certification authenticates that the candidate possesses all the technical knowledge, skills, and exposure with the industry-wide used and well-recognized credential of the docker platform. Here are some advantages of gaining Docker Certification that you should consider:

  • The Docker certification exam ensures your skills are recognized worldwide and it boosts your Docker skills and helps you serve with an official Docker credential. The credential is what validates that you have these skills upon completion of the certification examination.
  • After completion of the Docker certification exam, candidates gain a digital certificate and can make use of the Docker Certified Associate logo to grab a job position in any renowned organization.
  • After gaining the Docker certification you get unlimited access to professionals and certified-only events. 
  • Also, on completion of the Docker certification exam, successful individuals will have access to a wide network of professionals. And, being a part of this network will help you to enhance your reach widely, and find your dream job.

Moreover, to become a Docker certified individual, you have to earn a passing score on the examination. When you earn the passing score or above, then, you will receive your certification and enjoy the above mentioned benefits that come with being Docker certified.

Without attaining this passing score, you will not be able to receive your certification credentials. This is why it is very important that you know how to prepare for the Docker certification exam to reach the passing score, as is explored below.

Best Docker certifications to apply for

There are mainly two major Docker Certification Exam that you can appear for, such as:

  • Docker Certified Associate - It is one of the primary certifications offered by Docker for power users who desire to enhance their Docker knowledge and demonstrate skill through certifications. Well, Dockers course is comprehensive and get you to learn the below-mentioned topics such as:
  • Networking and Storage
  • Installation and configuration
  • Docker Orchestration
  • Image management
  • Ensuring Security in Docker

Other than this, Docker certified associate (DCA) program offers three main specialities including Infrastructure, Containers and plugins. Moreover, the Docker Certified Associate certification cost is $195 exceeding the cost of any education coursework in which you choose to invest.

  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) or Application developer -  Kubernetes is a development engine that offers compatibility with Docker to create an environment that operates efficiently in the cloud. Moreover, learning about Kubernetes will also help you learn about Docker and help you elevate your employees who use Docker within the framework. CKA certification costs $300 each.

Docker Certification Registration Process

Docker Certification exam is available in both modes online as well as Offline. You can choose your exam mode as per your preference. In case, you opt for an online mode then you can visit and register for your exam here: Docker Certification Registration

stepStep 1 - Visit the Docker Certification Registration link 

Step 2 - Fill your Personal Details

Step 3 - Choose your Docker Certification

Step 4 - Choose your Test mode

Step 5 - Choose Payment mode to pay Docker certification price

Step 6 - Make Payment

Step 7 - Cross-Check Details

Step 8 - Click on SUBMIT

Once you have registered and scheduled the exam, you can reschedule it at any time incase of any emergency. Also, you can log in with your credentials anytime to check the system requirements, reschedule an exam, start the exam, etc.

NOTE: You can’t start the exam until 15 min of the scheduled time. You will also receive a confirmation email as well.

Docker Certification Requirements

Now, you must be aware of the docker tools and its certification, but it is not enough to pass the certification exam. As, to become a docker professional you should know what it requires?
Usually, there are only three major requirements to pass Docker examination i.e.

  • Good knowledge about Docker and its tools
  • Networking knowledge

IT knowledge in General

How to prepare for Docker certification?

Once you decide you want to appear in the exam, the first thing you need to do is practice hard. Or get the Docker certification tutorial and try to practice each section taught in the classes everyday. You can install Docker on any operating system: Mac OS, Windows, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu, you will get to know about the below-mentioned points: 

  • Once you install Docker on your operating system then you can start with Image creation and management and practice each section again and again for better results.
  • Docker allows you to get 6 to 12 months of real-time experience. But, we personally feel that if you install Docker on your system and practice enough with all the sections required to pass the certification that will help you certify the exam efficiently.
  • Try to make a list of all necessary points from all the Docker exam sections as you practice. Making a handy list will help you go through the important things before you appear in the exam.
  • As  mentioned above, you have absolutely 90 minutes to complete 55 questions which make around 1 and a half minutes for each question. In case you are stuck or don’t know the answer for any question then you can just skip it to attempt it later. As it will help you in balancing time.
  • Mostly, being professionals we would recommend you to install the community edition. But installing Docker serves you with a free trial of enterprise edition for 30 days. Our professionals would recommend you using the trial since the exam equally focuses on some important topics like UCP, DTR etc.
  • Installing docker also allows you to read books as well on Docker. We would recommend starting with a few books including the Docker Deep Dive book by Nigel Poulton. Every book will provide you with a different perspective. Despite that, you can also go through the Docker Certification Training to prepare yourself for the exam.
  • If you are stuck or don’t find any solution to solve your problem in the Docker docs. Then, we would recommend you to search the web and read as many blogs as possible until the topic is clear to you.
  • Once you are familiar enough with the related topics, schedule an exam and start preparing for it. But unfortunately, if you don’t feel comfortable taking the exam then you can freely reschedule it for the next time as per your desire. Just Remember, there is no FREE retake for the Docker certification exam. You only get one chance.
  • Now, this exam includes some Kubernetes questions as well, which is why we would encourage you to understand how Kube and Docker works together.

Why must you own a Docker certification?

Just because an application works smoothly on your computer machine doesn’t necessarily mean it has to work on your friend’s computer too. But the Docker containers, the savior, help you run an application the same way on your friend’s system that it used to run on yours.

Here are some of the following reasons why you can’t say no to Docker Container:

  • It enables more efficient use of system resources
  • It allows instant software delivery cycles
  • It smoothes the application portability
  • It uses the tailor-made for microservices architecture

Who can apply for the certification?

Docker certification is available for everyone who wants to upskill and grow for living a better future! Moreover, your interest in cloud technologies and your aim to learn something out of the box is all you require as a prerequisite. Keeping the certification aside, having a good understanding of Docker Containerization technology will take you to better places for sure.
Here, we have listed a list a non-exhaustive (almost) list of professionals who should start their Docker Certified Associate journey for their betterment right now:

  • Software Developers
  • Cloud Professionals
  • Solutions Architect
  • Database Managers
  • Data Scientists
  • Testers
  • Release Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Non-IT Professionals are looking for a career change and many others!

Don’t be too late to jump into the container world because a lot awaits you there (huge open job market)! Also, read why Docker Certification is a must for Software Developers, Data Scientists, Cloud Computing, Database Managers, or anybody else!

Tips to excel Docker Certification

Beyond knowing what to expect and how to excel in the Docker examination, Here, we have stated some helpful keys to hold on to like:

Experience and Good Understanding of Docker

One of the most important things to note if you want to excel in the Docker certification exam is that you should be aware of the important things related to it. As, this will lead you to expose and experience the use of Docker to address and solve real-world problems. This goes into form an important requirement for qualifying the examination which is at least 6-12 months of Docker exposure.
In this period, Candidates are expected to have learned about the relevant knowledge on using containers efficiently. However, a candidate with good experience of Docker has a better chance of scoring the highest in the examination.

Constant practice across multiple environments

You can easily gain access to the Docker certified associate online course by visiting the official website of Docker. This practice course not only recommends suitable environment practice but also allows the candidates to gain an advantage to systems with various clusters. Moreover, in choosing the best environment for practice, candidates should take the virtual systems into their consideration. The description of the environment is also very necessary as it helps in analyzing the best approach that a person can utilize to solve the issue efficiently.

Try to understand the Sub-topics as much as the Topics

Being professionals, we would suggest that the only one way to pass the Docker Certification Exam is to pay attention to the sub-topics more than the topics. As, the candidates are to explore these sub-topics efficiently especially the candidates those who relate to expertise. Having a great understanding of these sub-topics, you should use cases which include the advanced understanding of all the sub-topics.

Moreover, you can prepare a backup with the real-world exposure to containers and how they behave.

Appear in various Mock Tests to test your Preparation

After exploring multiple environments and sub-topics, you must test your preparation level by appearing in multiple mock tests or sample exams. This will help you ensure that you are ready to appear in the exam. To do so, you can visit the official website of Docker and appear in the Docker certified Associate practice tests. These tests have been designed to give the candidates a real examination such as atmosphere.
We would recommend you to be careful while choosing the mock exam in preparation for Docker certification as there are a lot of them out there for practice. Ensure whichever practice test you are selecting is the one that is consistent with the outline of the Docker certification exam.

However, joining our Training courses can significantly assist you in preparing for the Docker Certification Exam. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 - How long will the Docker certification be valid?

Answer - The validity of a Docker Certified Associate certification is 2 years, and after that, you will be required to update your certification every two years.

Question 2 -  What if I want to reschedule or cancel my Docker certification exam?

Answer -. Well, you can easily reschedule or cancel your registration within 48 hours before the scheduled appointment time, and failing to cancel or reschedule within this time will result in losing exam fees.

Question 3 - If I do not pass the docker certification exam, can I retake it?

Answer - Well, it should not happen if you’re a part of our Docker Certification Training program. However, if you fail due to any circumstance, you may retake the exam with the following conditions:

  • ➪ To retake the Docker Certification exam, wait 14 days from the day you fail.
  • ➪ Pay the exam price each time you attempt the exam.

Question 4- Where do I register for the Docker Certified Associate exam?

Answer -You can register for the DCA exam from the official Mirantis website. 


If you wish to have a career with Docker Certifications then the article will be very helpful for you as it describes every information related to the Docker certifications. This will definitely help you ensure a lucrative career and a secured job profile in the future too.

Noticing the rising popularity of Docker in the IT world it is advisable to you to gain the certification and keep yourself updated with the tools and technologies required to stay one step ahead in the competition.
Despite that, you are also advised to choose a job profile which is best suitable for you so that you can enjoy job satisfaction and live a life as per your desires. Moreover, there are multiple other details related to each one of the certifications in Docker which you will get all under one roof here or by visiting our other certifications article efficiently.

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