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Best Employment Skills to Look for in 2020

Workplaces are continuously evolving and so are the requirements of skills which employers look for in the candidates. Hiring people with the latest skill-set is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition. Employers are constantly looking for employees who are updated and well-versed with the current. This means that the employees who improve their skills and also acquire new ones are the most preferred choice of employers. In other words, businesses want to hire those individuals who are passionate about success and have the courage to defy competition.

Here is a list of skills needed for 2020

Problem-Solving Ability:

This is the most sought-after skill for every organization. Every business has to constantly face challenges and so all the employers are highly interested to see if you are able to meet those challenges and troubleshoot them individually. Technology has made our lives very simple and yet things can get as much complicated even if a small technical snag takes place. 

Data Analytics:

All of us are moving into a world which is largely driven by data. Data, however, becomes meaningless unless it is interpreted correctly. Thus, the candidates who can successfully understand and utilize data are usually the ones who get preferences in jobs interviews. In today’s highly competitive world, it is important that you have some experience with computational thinking, data analytics, coding, machine learning etc. Thus, it has become essential to upgrade your current skill set by enrolling yourself for some online course. 

Best Employment Skills to Look for in 2020

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Social Media Literacy:

Social media is changing the way companies are doing business which is why it is important to understand the way these tools work for the progress of the business. Knowledge of social media is one of the top-five skills which employers consider while hiring new candidates. Job seekers who have helped develop strong online personal brands making use of social media have an advantage over the ones who have restricted knowledge or experience of the field.

It is not surprising that people have been able to bag better jobs and also go up their career ladder by showcasing excelled social media skills. One of the basic ways to demonstrate the same is by having a strong social media presence, the kind of profiles you build on various social engines and the type of posts you usually share. A strong following on Instagram is a reflection of the fact that you have an eye for the extraordinary. You should thus be thoughtful when designing your profiles and ensure they serve a particular purpose and not just break from work. [irp]


As per a survey by the World Economic Forum, it has been found that creativity will rank high on the list of the most important work skill. There is no doubt in the fact that employers are on the lookout for people who have can come up with fresh work ideas and new thoughts to approach the same task. But the way job interviews are tailored, there is little scope as to how one can demonstrate one's creative edge and not showing the latter can get you enlisted among the ordinary job seekers.

So, you should back your mention in your interview about all the instances where you used your creative side to handle a task. This can range from handling the production lines in a streamlined manner, helping your company shrink its production costs or maybe thinking of a completely new and out of the box advertisement-strategy for your firm. Such ideas usually stay with the interviewing officer even if other parts of your interview have gone flat.

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It is a fact that if you do not make faults it means you are not trying anything new or growing. Experimentation is essential to innovation. Resiliency is basically the ability to take both a hit and a win with equal ease. The idea is to see your ability to survive in tough situations. There is no business area or industry which does not have a downturn and anyone who is not able to handle the same with ease and is able to grow again is not fit for the job market. Resilience is not just your ability to solve problems but your ability to recover from setbacks in your business. Thus, instead of kneeling down to pressure you should know of ways and techniques to make the best of the bad times.

Ability to Learn:

There are some people who are not open to learning. This is not exactly a skill as such but an attitude which helps you grow as an individual and as a job-seeker. Your willingness to learn new skills and ideas is one of the most important skills which your employer will be looking at. Thus, the learning could be in the form of industry conferences, certification courses, online classes, Meetup Groups etc. you should always take new steps to enhance your knowledge.

Your potential employers will want to know how open you are to learn new skills and how comfortable are you with new courses. How much appetite you carry for staying on top of industry trends and how far are you able to push yourself to take up tasks which fall outside your comfort zone. All these basically express the desire to enhance your basic skill set for making yourself job ready.

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Business Sense:

More and more organizations are adopting flat organization structures. Thus, employers are preferably looking for people who understand basic business principles. Thus, it is important to show the hiring managers your knowledge about other departments. This will make you relatively much more attractive than other candidates.


The first impression you give to your potential employer is through your resume which needs be complete in all the respects. It should reflect all your job skills and experience in addition to the way you can add value to the company. All the recent most courses you may have acquired should be clearly mentioned and in order of relevance. If there are any recommendations from any of your previous employers it is always an add-on. The above skills have become indispensable to growth in modern times. Remember, a strong and well-built resume will never go out of fashion and will always be able to catch the eye of the employer.

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