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10 Online Courses You Can Complete in 6 Weeks & Start Applying for Jobs

Are you a working professional or do not have time to attend any regular course, then you can join an online course that is offered by a number of institutes and universities. These certification courses are offered online so you can either attend them on weekly basis or as per your convenience to avoid all hassles. Online courses give many benefits to aspiring candidates like learning the latest technologies, getting relevant knowledge, individual attention, and schedule classes from any place around the globe.

  • Big Data Hadoop
  • Blockchain
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Analytics Course
  • Salesforce certification courses
  • AWS courses
  • Java certification courses
  • QA certification course
  • Python training
  • Tableau Training

The courses can save your time and money. Even today online courses have become an important trend to get the secondary level education. So, if you are looking for the right online degree for your career then this blog post is for you. Just go through the post and identify the right course for your career. We have covered here all popular and most in-demand highest paying courses that can be completed just within the 6 weeks of time and makes you ready to apply for jobs immediately.

This course lets you master the concepts of Hadoop framework and you can easily prepare for the most popular and in-demand certification course of the upcoming era. By taking this course of Hadoop or Big Data you will learn and become familiar with all the Hadoop components of Hadoop ecosystem like Yarn, MapReduce, HDFS, Impala, HBase, Apache, Flume, Big Data Processing lifecycle and implementation and many other popular concepts. Here you will learn about all of these components and live projects will help you in the implementation of these concepts in real-life, social media, insurance and e-commerce. 10 online courses you can complete in 6 weeks infographic-min

For a dozen business, organizations Blockchain is rising. The technology is innovating and expanding in almost all sectors. The certification course will help you in learning all essential and most asked concepts of the Blockchain. The practical sessions during the course can ensure that you will learn all the essential and required concepts that are required in this competitive world. You will also become able to build a Blockchain application for the businesses. This certification can provide and help in making an industry-ready professional.

Data science is one of the most in-demand courses that is considered as a powerful approach to discover any hidden data pattern. In this era of the huge amount of data, this method combines computer science, visualizations, and statistics that help the organizations in getting the guided. Through a number of interactive sessions, the candidates can easily learn the new and beneficial data science concepts. Real-life examples help the aspirants in learning all new techniques and concepts that are mostly used and asked for this job profile

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In today’s digital world brand communication is of much importance. Companies use digital marketing concepts to drive their business objectives and develop their digital market campaigns. Many companies are hiring business analyst professionals to make their analyze market needs and draft their business strategy. The online certifications provided by the institutes help the candidates in managing their time for learning the technology and make them-self ready for the market. Many practical and theoretical concepts taught during the course help the aspirants in improving their knowledge and developing their understanding.

It is quite a known fact that Salesforce is one of the popular CRM that is adopted by a number of organizations in managing their business-related tasks. If you have interest in this in-demand technological CRM then the online course can help in getting all required and essential knowledge and grow your career. The two most popular certifications for Salesforce are Salesforce Developer and Salesforce Administrator that may require technical and non-technical knowledge respectively. As Salesforce provides an interactive and customized platform so companies are preferring this CRM and hiring the certified professionals as well.

AWS is a cloud computing platform that offers a number of cloud-based service to business organizations. AWS developers know the way in which AWS is used to develop secure and scalable cloud-based applications. This course also involves practical or technical knowledge as the applications are developed by using coding.

Today almost all applications have been moved to the cloud, so the companies are hiring the AWS certified developers. AWS developer certifications help the aspirants not only understanding the platform but also making them ready for the platform. AWS is one of the highest-paying platforms and therefore many IT professionals are switching their career as AWS professionals. Online certification can help you in learning this technology even without disturbing your existing job routine.

Java is not just a programming language instead is a development atmosphere that helps the organizations in developing platform independent web-based and desktop applications. This is an evergreen technology, so learning Java can make you job ready forever and you can get the essential skills to become an industry-ready professional. Online training helps the candidates in learning Java without disturbing their schedule.

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Today Java is running on more than 3 billion devices and so shaping the career as Java professional can be advantageous. It is one of the most used technology in developing web-based and desktop applications and online learning can help you in learning the course in the most convenient manner

Software quality assurance is one of the most used techniques and used in mostly all software to ensure that it is working flawlessly. The demand for testing professional can never go down and without even thinking a bit you can shape your career as a testing professional. Today all enterprises are adopting agile development methodologies and therefore the demand of QA professionals is much high. Professional trainers can guide you through the right learning path as per required standards.

Practical or live projects that are offered with these online courses can help the professionals in making them ready as per market requirement.

Python programming is used in many applications and you can learn the language in online mode. Regular and real-time assignments are assigned during the online course and in that they get and learn all concepts like strings, sequences, and slicing. Python code is reusable and viable and you can easily learn Python in less time. Visualized and interactive training sessions help the aspirants in getting the concepts and learning Python-based programming. Best CMM Level5 companies are hiring Python certified professionals.

Online Tableau Training provides a collaborative learning environment through which you can even prepare for the certifications as well. If you want to enhance your salary and get a promising job then this course will help you in doing the same. Even if you simply know Microsoft Excel then still can learn Tableau course.

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Final Words

Here, we can see that there are a number of courses that can be completed within 6 weeks of duration and high in-demand. Learning these courses will shape your career as IT professional and makes your job and industry ready. So, choose the course that could help you in building your dream career and start applying for jobs immediately.

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