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Become a Skilled Business Analyst with JanBask Training's Free Webinar!

  • Discover the essential skills and competencies required to excel as a business analyst.
  • Learn about the importance of business analysis in today's competitive business landscape.
  • Gain an overview of popular business analysis tools and methodologies.
  • Explore the career prospects and growth opportunities available to business analysts.
15 July , 09.00 PM EST

You can easily plan it; it's on the weekends.

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What are you going to learn?

  • Business Analysis Introduction, Why BA Career in IT
  • Current Job Demand for a Business Analyst – Quick Facts
  • What are the tools & Techniques used by a Business Analyst?
  • BA Core concepts overview to get you familiar with BA Role
  • Importance of Agile Model, Data Analysis, BI Tool such as Tableau
  • Why does a Business Analyst need to be Technical in today's high competition?

Common questions you want to ask?

  • How can I become a successful Business Analyst?
  • How should I prepare if I am from an IT or Non-IT background?
  • Roles confusion on BA, System Analyst or Data Analyst
  • How should I prepare for Business Analysis Jobs?
  • Which BA Certifications I should start with?
  • How is BA Job Market & its Future?

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