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Get a modern-day SQL Developer Training that will help you learn the basics of database querying, Microsoft SQL and the best-practices of Database Management to gain confidence with our Online SQL Certification and surmount a trending career field

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Why Microsoft SQL Server Certification?

Get Professional SQL Server Certification Training to shape your career in a dynamic and an ever-expanding field of SQL. Take a look as to why Microsoft SQL Certification is so trending these days


World's leading open-source database


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SQL Server Training Course Roadmap

Here are the milestones that you will achieve with our Microsoft SQL Server Course Training

SQL Server Basics

    • 1.Introduction to MS SQL Server, Version and Installations process
    • 2.Introduction to transaction logs –ldf,mdf and ndf files
    • 3.Different types of datatypes
    • 4.Introduction to DDL,DML,DCL and TCL statements
    • 5.Sql Server Operators
    • 6.Introduction to Normalisation
    • 7.Introduction to joins
    • 8.Introduction to Subqueries
    • 9.Condition statements in SQL
    • 10.Introduction to views
    • 11.Introduction to Database constraints

SQL Server Programming

    • 1.Clustered ,non clustered and column store index
    • 2.System defined and user defined stored procedure
    • 3.System defined and user defined functions
    • 4.Difference between functions and stored procedure
    • 5.Error Handling in functions and stored procedure
    • 6.Introduction to triggers
    • 7.Instead of triggers
    • 8.Magic Tables
    • 9.Introduction to Cursors
    • 10.Introduction to Common Table Expression ( CTE)
    • 11.Difference between Temporary table and table variables

SSIS Package Development

    • 1.SQL Server Transaction
    • 2.Ranks
    • 3.Database Locks
    • 4.Isolation Level
    • 5.Introduction to Data Flow Control Flow Architecture in SSIS
    • 6.Introduction to project parameters
    • 7.Introduction to Precedence Constraint
    • 8.Different Types of Transforms in SSIS
    • 9.SSIS Catalogue
    • 10.Deploying SSIS Package
    • 11.Breakpoints, check points, Data Profiler

SSRS Report Design

    • 1.Event Handling and Logging in SSIS
    • 2.Benefits of configuration
    • 3.Encrypting SSIS Catalogs
    • 4.Business Requirement Document
    • 5.Three phase report life cycle
    • 6.Report Engine Architecture
    • 7.Report builder and report designer uses and scope
    • 8.Introduction to Report Manager
    • 9.Introduction to On Demand and Subscription based reports
    • 10.Enterprise and Adhoc Reports
    • 11.Dynamic Datasets

Formatting SSRS Report

    • 1.Embedded data source and Datasets
    • 2.Shared Datasource and Dataset
    • 3.Introduction to groups in a SSRS Report
    • 4.Formatting a SSRS Report
    • 5.Filters and Sorting Techniques
    • 6.Multivalued Parameter
    • 7.Cascading Parameters
    • 8.Groups in a SSRS Report
    • 9.Calculated Fields
    • 10.Interactive Sorting
    • 11.Drilldown reports

Building SSAS Cubes

    • 1.Using Stored Procedure in SSRS Reports
    • 2.Matrix Reports
    • 3.Different Types of Charts in SSRS
    • 4.Sub Reports in SSRS
    • 5.Deployment of SSRS Reports in the Server
    • 6.Basic Data warehouse Concepts and introduction to SSAS
    • 7.Different Types of Schemas-Star, Snowflake, Fact Constellation
    • 8.Introduction to Fact Tables and Dimensions.
    • 9.Connecting a SSAS cube with SSRS
    • 10.Introduction to Power BI BI Reporting Tool
    • 11.How to connect Power BI to database,Basic dashboard design.

Course Curriculum

Get the SQL Server Curriculum

SQL Server Corporate Training & Certification

Being the most popular open source database, the Microsoft SQL Server Corporate Training will help your workforce to build a strong foundation and gain hands-on experience in understanding the relational databases.

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Good course to have a complete understanding of SQL. It’s very well put together and clearly explains the concepts, after completing this course you will get confidence in SQL. Good job.

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I'm really glad I came across this course. The course was informative, fun and easy to follow, whilst also being adequately challenging. I knew nothing of SQL before other than that it is used to analyze and extract pieces of information. I feel confident now that I have been taught a good set of skills that can be put into practice.

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The course is really useful and understandable. It gives insights into the high level of detail. There is a lot of knowledge provided through self-explanatory illustrations and examples. The course instructor is also very helpful.

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It has been such an awesome course so far. I would recommend anyone with basic knowledge of SQL should get enrolled in this course. The instructor is very interactive and provides with the latest updated content.

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The lecture is very helpful and helps you to build up your SQL skills. Lecturer also is very supportive and always ready to help with any questions/queries or related matters. I surely recommend you for this course.

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This is the best course so far. The lectures and course content are amazing and cover a whole lot of spectrum on Advanced SQL under one course. Recommend it all the way.

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This is a good course. Teaching and the content are good. The best part of this training is we have example after all the lessons. It’s really helpful.

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It is really a pleasure to follow this course because the instructor explains in an understandable way. Emphasis is given on examples while explaining different concepts at the base of SQL.

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The course has easy to follow lectures and manageable assignments that serve the purpose of providing exposure to SQL. A good explanation is provided for the covered materials in a simple and direct way.

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Good course and instructor. I would prefer assignments to be a bit more challenging and include all topics covered in the lecture. Overall I think the lecturer explained the material in a good way.

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The entire course content seemed really fun to learn and this is one of the best languages I've ever learned. The instructor helped me understand each and every bit of the course and the required depth in certain topics has been reached and covered. Overall, I totally loved the course and the learning process.

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The Course is clear and concise. It provides a very smooth flow throughout the course and allows the user to understand it easily. The lecture was awesome and explained everything in length to absorb details.